Car Care Calculating Full Automotive Restoration
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Car Care Calculating Full Automotive Restoration

If you are considering doing a full restoration of your car, be it damage from an accident or just wishing to restore its formal new car beauty, estimating your over all costs is the first step. This article is a brief explanation of a few more common repairs and costs for those looking to do the work themselves or have it done.

Restoring a car to like new condition is both exciting as well as costly.  It should be commended that you are interested in restoring, what already is, rather then buying a new product due to disrepair. This does not imply that you should approach the project with no idea as to the over all price tag. 

  •     Any given bumper or panel for that matter can be replaced for around $100-400, plus the costs of painting. Often enough the cost of replacing panels or bumpers also includes that of light fixtures and other emblems. These pieces can be rather cheap at around $5-50 but the costs mount quickly as any given bumper may include multiple fixtures.
  •     For the most part an engine repair is the most difficult item to estimate. A large amount of money can be spent on the labor necessary to trouble shoot the initial problem. Depending on your own abilities and interest it can often save a great amount by initially trouble shooting the problem, if not doing all the work yourself. Some issues preventing normal engine function can be fixed cheaply for $50-500 or be far higher into the thousands of dollars. There is no way to find out and predict until some sort of trouble shooting has been done. Often it is a good idea to have the check engine codes read at a local car care retail store. Buying a new working order engine is always an option as well and can often be done for under $1000 on more common current cars. 
  •     Transmission costs are very similar to that of the engine. Most work is going to be very expensive to have done as most anything will necessitate pulling the engine/trans assembly. If you plan to do the work yourself, allow yourself wiggle room for problems to arise. The engine as well as the transmission can go quite a long time with out any maintenance or repair. For this fact one should always plan on issues as the initial problem is approached. 
  •     Seats can be replaced easy enough with a few bolts, OEM seats can be very expensive depending on the luxury level of the seats.  Seats can be obtained anywhere from $50-500 a piece. Most seats are simple enough to bolt in and connect the wiring on your own.
  •     Carpet kits can be anywhere around $100-500. If you plan to do it yourself make sure to get a molded kit; the time and difficulty savings will pay dividends. 

    In the end a good way to estimate a full restoration value of a automobile is to look at their value in near mint condition.  It tends to be that the cost of restoring a car is at or near this amount. 

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