Eight Essential Auto Technician Tools
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Eight Essential Auto Technician Tools

Vehicles are an essential part of life and are used for traveling and commuting. Making sure a car is in tip-top-shape is very important. Auto technicians use several auto tech tools to keep each vehicle they work on in superb shape. Technicians are known for their ability to diagnose and treat a car's diagnostic issues, and their tools help them accomplish this task.
An auto technician is a highly trained professional who has the knowledge and skills to maintain and service a variety of vehicles. Many tools are needed to perform the tasks involved in this type of work. While all tools are important to the auto industry, some tools are so essential that the job could not be done without it. One of those tools is known as an Auto Scanner. This scanner is vital to the everyday operation of an auto shop and can cost close to $10,000 dollars. It can help an auto technician diagnose an issue with a vehicle and also read data ranges. Some cars have major noise issues and to help fix that issue an auto technician will use an automotive stethoscope. This tool will help a technician find a noise problem. Auto technicians have a vast array of tools in their belt, including essential and basic auto tech tools. However, some tools such as a car lift and mechanical jacks are necessary for the safety of auto technicians. Techs need access to quality machines that can lift and hold vehicles in the proper positions. Specific tools are required for each job. Tools can be very expensive but are essential for performing tasks. Timing Light A timing light is an electrical tool that checks the engine ignition timing. This is done by using a strobe light, aimed at the car's specific timing marks. Hydraulic Jack A hydraulic jack is a mechanical device that is used to lift vehicles, in order for workers to fit underneath them to do work. Scan Tool A scan tool is a special hand-held computer. This computer allows fault codes to be read and certain diagnostic test to be made. Torque Wrench A torque wrench helps electricians tighten bolts, which keep them from coming loose. Oxygen Sensor Remover Tool Socket Oxygen sensors have to be installed using this type of tool. It makes the tasks a lot simpler to have one of these tools on hand. Lug Nut Wrench This is one of the most common tools to use to remove bolts holding tires on a car. Lug nut wrenches can be purchased at most auto parts stores. Voltmeter The voltmeter is an instrument that checks voltage. It is necessary for troubleshooting or diagnosing electrical problems on a car. Vice Grips Vice grips are adjustable pliers that lock on a round or stripped bolt. The bolt can then be removed by turning the pliers in a circular motion. Since the car was invented, most mechanics have only used basic tools for strategic problems. Although technology increase's productivity with fixing vehicles, mechanics still need to stick with the basics. Hammers, screwdrivers, vice grips, and an impact gun are all necessary to fix small and large vehicle problems. An auto technician can always be found with a screwdriver in their pocket.

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