Furnas Contactors Catalog: Features and Purpose of Electrical Contact Kits
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Furnas Contactors Catalog: Features and Purpose of Electrical Contact Kits

The Furnas Contactors Catalog shows all the equipment which is sold under this brand. You can get them from brick and mortar and online shops that carry used and new parts. The store that you purchase them from may offer free shipping for some purchases and this will allow you to save more money.

The Furnas Contactors Catalog gives information on the range of devices that are available through this organization. The company has been supplying electrical parts and accessories to drivers and professionals in the industry for many years. The brand is now included in the Siemens family of products.

Furnas Contactors Catalog: Purpose of Electrical Contact Kits

Drivers utilize electrical contact kits when they need better control of their motor. If they are unable to start the vehicle, the problem may be in the electrical connection. There are a few signs that may be seen when this is the case. For example, when the attempt is made to start the vehicle, the engine will not jump to life. Instead, they hear a clicking sound when the key is turned in the ignition. As the problem worsens, the clicking increases.

When drivers know that a starter problem exists, their next move is to fix it with a contact kit. They contain all the parts that an individual will need to make effective repairs to their vehicle. The package usually contains breakers, contacts, starters and contactors. The parts are all tested during the manufacturing process to make sure they are not defective.


Furnas Contactors Catalog: Included in The Siemens Family of Products

Although the change has been made in ownership, Furnas still stands for quality and supplies compact size contactors. Their move to Siemens, which is known for top automation, electrical and engineering merchandise will help them to serve even more clients all over the world.

They provide contacts, starters, two speed contactors, Class 44 reversing contactors, and replacement parts that can be used in the RAV4, 2012 Toyota Camry and other vehicles. Some of the replacement parts they carry include AC coils and overload relays. The Siemens site has the nomenclature sheets for each of the products made available to consumers in the Furnas contactors catalog.

Furnas Contactors Catalog: Contactor Features

This equipment has several great features that make customers rely on it time and again. The contactors are compact and this makes them easier to handle. The contacts are made from silver cadmium oxide which is weld resistant. The contactors are very quiet.

The housing is quite durable and is manufactured using reinforced thermoset polyester. Users have several termination options including SEMS clamps, quick connects, binding head screws and lugs. People who want additional protection on their equipment can get contact covers. 

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